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The Voice Of God

This song is by Dave Bilbrough.

The Voice Of God
Verse 1
The voice of God is calling
With words that roar and rage
The passion of the Father's heart
Resounds through every age
Multitudes are waiting
For this gospel we proclaim
Christ Jesus came among us
That all men might be saved

Show Your glory show Your glory
Show Your glory over all the earth

Verse 2
This is our commission
To fill the air with praise
And to tell the people of this world
The glory of His Name
With thousands upon thousands
From every tribe and tongue
We cry worthy is the Lamb once slain
For He has overcome

Verse 3
With tears of intercession
Through the prayers of all the saints
We long to reach the nations
With humility and grace
Come touch this generation
And use us Lord we pray
Fill our hearts with boldness
To do the things You say

Dave Bilbrough

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