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That's How You Got Killed Before

This song is by Dave Bartholomew and appears on the compilation Crescent City Soul: The Sound of New Orleans 1947-1974 (1996).

This song has been covered by Elvis Costello under the title "That's How You Got Killed Before".
Well, you're standing on the corner flagging all the girls you see
Now do like ... and let those ladies be
You know that's wrong, yes man you know that's wrong
Boy, you better take it slow, that's how you got killed before

That girl you just met who got a big guy for a pal
Who'll put knots on your head for messing with his gal
So take it steady, man, let them women go
I'm just trying to tell you, that's how you got killed before

Now, you wouldn't listen Sammy, you got two black eyes
That's what you get Daddy, for messing with mens wives
So take it easy, boy you've gotta take it slow
Man I'm just trying to tell you - that's how you got killed before

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