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Guilty Man

This song is by Dave Alvin and appears on the album Blue Blvd (1991).

The guy behind the counter didn't speak good English but he understood the point of a gun
It wasn't no big deal he just had some money and at the time I didn't have none
I walked in his store half past midnight I took what I could and I ran
So tonight the police are searching this city for one more Guilty Man

I think I'll go see this woman on my own side of town I like to see her every now and again
I'll say hi to her kids as she sends 'em to bed 'cause her ex-husband is my best friend
She won't ask no questions she'll just smile when I put some money in her hand
And for an hour or two she'll say she's in love with one more Guilty Man

You can blame my folks or the economy
Blame my schoolin' or you can blame me I'm just what I am one more Guilty Man

I could say I got some kids who got nothing to eat and I got tired of hearing 'em cry
I could say anything that you wanted to hear but it just might be a lie
Yeah, I could get a job but I got my pride I ain't working in no hamburger stand
So take a good look through the bars on your windows for one more Guilty Man

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