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This song is by Darren Hayes.

Tattooed - Dahmnait Doyle

Am I bound to you?
Will you wither with the rest?
Will you loosen your grip?
As you fade into the sunset?

Will I want to leave you
Shattered on the floor?
Will I do anything to
Have you forever more?

I really miss you
I didn't want to
Now it's too late...

You're tattooed on my skin
Don't know where you end and I begin
You're tattooed on my soul
Are you the part that makes me whole?

The uncertainty keeps me on my toes
I'm so undone by what I never know
Even you're confusions make sense to me
But I'm afraid that this won't always be...

I really need you
Want to believe
That you need me too...

I fall hard and I fall fast
Know it won't last
I should leave before it's gone
But I'm not that strong...

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