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Slow Giving

This song is by Daniel Lanois and appears on the album Shine (2003).

Slow giving, slow coming
Slow giving, slow coming
Joy giving, joy coming
Love giving, love coming

Angel, I've seen you in the rocket speed
I've seen you in the ground that feeds
My angel, with me you've crawled through the trenches
Forever scaling my defences

I need you now in my rebel mind
Please lock the door and hang a sign
My heart is open wide but the bleeding's hard to stop
Explain to me what is and what is not
What is, what is, what is

Slow giving, slow coming, you're my world apart
Slow giving, slow coming, what a fall, what a fall
Joy giving, joy coming
Love giving, love coming

Angel, until the beast in me forever burns
It's hard to know which way to turn
On the guard rail of your twenty five years
I feel the piercing ember of every tear

On a desert plain, on my knees
Broken and ragged, saying please, baby, please, baby, please
Oh angel, I've lost so many times
Please, please show me a sign

On a pretty lip, on a broken grip
Don't let me bring the roof down, let me build my spirit sound
I'm standing right back where I started
Please let me stay open hearted

Oh my angel, my sweet angel, angel


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