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Sacred And Secular

This song is by Daniel Lanois and appears on the album Here Is What Is (2007).

Eno: So I'm an anti romantic, really, and it's part of being an atheist. It's another version of being an atheist that it's anti, anti this idea that it's outside of us rather than inside of us. It's all inside of us. I don't think there's anything, I don't think there's anything else actually. It's all in us. And, and it's, it's all in everyone too.
Lanois: Yeah.
Blade: It's all so connected. You know I'm not, for me, to think sacred and secular as being hard. It's just that it was always, it was always praise, you know, for me. I just never, I can never see it another way. Music, you know, it's always this.
Lanois: The pedal steel guitar is my favourite instrument. I've been playing it since I was a kid. It takes me to a sacred place. It's my little church in a suitcase. That's what I like to call it. My church in a suitcase.


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