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This song is by Daniel Lanois and appears on the album Shine (2003).

My angel I promised her
We'd be dressed in a cloud
Standing on pillars of fire
Singing out loud

Shot from truth and love, not darkness
With the moon under your feet
Where birth goes on and rides terror
My shine will be complete

With your fire
Your fire
My tremolo
You're my fire

Every so softly it grows
When you don't wear your armour
Crushing the burden
And confusion soar

Trembling high on every leaf
Raining light down on your belief
Oh my angel, I'm burdened by the race
I'll go down burning in your embrace

On fire
My tremolo
You're my fire

Don't take away my shine
My shine is all I have
My heat, my love
My beauty and my glad
It worries me sometimes
That I want love
And live a life of sad

My tremolo
Sweet baby
My fire
My desire


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