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Carry Me Across The Mountain (2000)

Dan Tyminski - Carry Me Across The Mountain

Carry Me Across The Mountain

  1. Carry Me Across the Mountain
  2. Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere
  3. I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair
  4. Greens Fees
  5. Think About You Every Day
  6. Praise the Lord
  7. Tiny Broken Heart
  8. Please Dear Mommy
  9. Be Assured
  10. Faith Is a Mystery
  11. Sunny Side of the Mountain

Wheels (2008)

Dan Tyminski - Wheels


  1. Wheels
  2. Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On
  3. Making Hay
  4. Who Showed Who
  5. It All Comes Down To You
  6. How Long Is This Train
  7. I Ain't Taking You Back No More
  8. Heads You Win Tails I Lose
  9. How Many Times
  10. The One You Lean On
  11. Knock Knock!
  12. Some Early Morning

Southern Gothic (2017)

Dan Tyminski - Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic

  • As Tyminski
  1. Southern Gothic
  2. Breathing Fire
  3. Gone
  4. Temporary Love
  5. Perfect Poison
  6. Devil Is Downtown
  7. Hollow Hallelujah
  8. Good for Your Soul
  9. Wailing Wall
  10. Haunted Heart
  11. Bloodline
  12. Wanted
  13. Numb

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