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Gotta Go

This song is by DMX.

What do you want?
What the fuck is you talking to like that?
What the fuck do you want?
What the fuck is you at?
Are you still fucking that bitch?
Ain't no body fucking that bitch man
Hey you go with this shit again
Are you? No
Are you still?
No, I'm not fucking that bitch man
What the fuck is you at get your ass on?
You're a liar you are a liar

Yo what time are you gonna home?
You've been here like a muff in the air
What the fuck is you doing?
Then I'm going for two more fuck him at
What the fuck do you want?
Leave me the fuck along
Good bye

Yeah what's up
Nothing was going on here, you're alright?
No no not alright right now
Right now that shit is kinda crazy
Wife ain't here
She bugging out again
She's bugging the fuck out
I wanna know what the fuck is her problem
I told you, do you deserve that in the air?
Are you home now?
You was right I'll be over there in a minuute
I'll be here and the door be open


Written by:

Earl Simmons

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