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Ghetto Life

This song is by DMX and appears on the album Unleashed & Unreleased (1998).

Comin' out for visit but what's a vistit when there's no home?
Other kids' parents like 'this little boy's so grown!'
That's what happens? When you're raised in the streets
All I really want is to get praised in the streets
And he who lays in the streets with your last breath
Ask the Lord for forgiveness and you may have a fast death
It's not like me to have my back turned to open places
I wanna see it when it's comin', so I can open faces
Open cases got me payin' to stay out of jail
While these streets, got me to prayin' to stay out of hell
Slipped, and I fell, got back up - slipped again
But no matter what it's been, niggaz never got a win
It's a thin line I walk, everyday but I'm good!
Project nigga all my life, but wouldn't say the hood!
Knew what I was doin', everyday that I've been doin' it
Seein niggaz havin' a good time, so I'ma ruin it
Fuck you, and fuck your man, both y'all niggaz is puss!
Frontin like you out the jungle but ain't never seen a bush!
When push comes to shove, whatever love we had take it witchu
Now peep what I just said and see how long it takes to hit you
Everybody knows you can talk all day
But when it's on what you gonna do - walk away?

One love Boomer, rest in peace, baby!
Dark Man X, DMX

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