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Get At Me Dog (Remix)

This song is by DMX and appears on the album Unleashed & Unreleased Vol. 2 (2002).

(Yeah I'm right here dog) Where my dogs at
(We right here dog) Where my dogs at
(I'm right here dog)

What must I go through to show you shit is real
And I ain't really never gave a fuck how niggaz feel
Rob then I steal, not 'cause I want to 'cause I have to
And don't make me show you with the Magnum
If you don't know by now then you slippin
I'm on some bullshit that's got me jackin, niggaz flippin
I got my man and them stay pretty like I'ma stay shitty
Crimey it's all for the money is you wit me
Hit the bitches, went out I could make the crime
And when it's on we transform like Optimus Prime
I'll form the head, roll out let's make it happen
If we ain't gonna get it wit them we'll take the cap down
Bust it off, gust it off on the softest niggaz
Money with the biggest mouth, yo let's rob this nigga
A novice nigga never made a sound
Breath too fuckin' hard like you gettin' bust down

Yo, yo ya niggaz wanna be killers (get at me dog)
Ya niggaz wanna feel us (get at me dog)
Ya niggaz want the real (Get at me dog)

Rrrrrr arf arf what the deal

Y'all niggaz fucking with the L.O.X.
Your stuck on a rock
Got that Alcatraz flow
You just don't know
Lifetime kid caged in blazin'
Any type of rapper or federal agent
Paniro the made man, blade man
Stand up type of guy, your living a lie
Niggaz wanna be pretty and fly but kiddies will die
The dogs run the city, bet fifty on mine
Two grams for you to sniff, how silly am I
Got a lot of jokes don't, kill yo ass won't I
Maybe not if the spot is filled up with po 9
Many niggaz get it confused, blame the rules
Only ask the how's not the who's
Better off busting your tool, then we might get the crew
But as far as rap goes, you a motherfucking fool
If you don't want chips, you should have stayed in school
You and 8-ball nigga, you wanna play pool
I'll put you in the side pocket, look at the size of my rocket
Styles don't lie, cop the work then clock it
Boxes full of boots, jeans, suits and watches
Niggaz don't pump if they can't make a profit
Stop it, before we pull it back then cop it
Vacant lot niggaz come through then we
Yeah, what? what? what?

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