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Checks, Thugs, and Rock n Roll (2006)

DMC - Checks, Thugs, And Rock N Roll

Checks, Thugs, and Rock n Roll

  1. Watchtower (featuring Josh Todd and Elliot Easton)
  2. Freaky Chick
  3. Just Like Me (featuring Sarah McLachlan)
  4. Lovey Dovey (featuring Doug E. Fresh)
  5. Find My Way (featuring Kid Rock)
  6. Machine Gun (featuring Gary Dourdan and Tal B.)
  7. Cold (featuring Ms. Jade)
  8. What's Wrong (featuring Napoleon)
  9. Cadillac Cars
  10. Only God Knows
  11. Come 2gether (featuring Run)
  12. Sucka Sucka
  13. Good Bye (featuring Lil' Mizzo)

Other Songs

  1. Come 2ogether
  2. La Raza Pura Es La Pura Raza

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