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Encore (2016)

DJ Snake - Encore


  1. Intro (A86)
  2. Middle (featuring Bipolar Sunshine)
  3. Sahara (featuring Skrillex)
  4. Sober (featuring JRY)
  5. Pigalle (featuring Moksi)
  6. Talk (featuring George Maple)
  7. Ocho Cinco (featuring Yellow Claw)
  8. The Half (featuring Jeremih, Young Thug and Swizz Beatz)
  9. Oh Me Oh My (featuring Travis Scott, Migos and G4SHI)
  10. Propaganda
  11. 4 Life (featuring G4SHI)
  12. Future, Pt. 2 (with Bipolar Sunshine)
  13. Let Me Love You (featuring Justin Bieber)
  14. Here Comes the Night (featuring Mr Hudson)
Target Exclusive Bonus Tracks
  1. True Love
  2. You Know You Like It (with AlunaGeorge) (DJ Premier remix)


Other Songs

  1. A Different Way
  2. Bird Machine (featuring Alesia)
  3. Kiss
  4. Party All Day
  5. Taki Taki
  6. Public Enemy

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