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Escape from Planet Monday (2006)

DJ Fresh - Escape From Planet Monday

Escape From Planet Monday

  1. Nervous (featuring Mary Byker)
  2. The Pink Panther
  3. All That Jazz (featuring MC Darrison)
  4. Babylon Rising (featuring Pendulum and Singing Fats)
  5. Closer (featuring DJ Shadow, Sally Dury and MC Darrison)
  6. X Project (Intro)
  7. X Project
  8. Submarines (Domestic Cold War Edit)
  9. Funk Academy (Intro)
  10. Funk Academy
  11. The Looking Glass
  12. All Strung Out (Thunder VIP)
  13. Throw (Intro)
  14. Throw (featuring Neil Tennant)

Kryptonite (2010)

DJ Fresh - Kryptonite


  1. Talkbox
  2. Lassitude (featuring Sigma and Koko)
  3. Kryptonite
  4. Gold Dust (featuring Ce'cile)
  5. Acid Rain
  6. Hypercaine (featuring Stamina MC and Koko)
  7. Starfall (featuring Valkyrie)
  8. Chacruna
  9. Fight! (featuring Valkyrie)
  10. Heavyweight

Nextlevelism (2012)

DJ Fresh - Nextlevelism


  1. Louder (featuring Sian Evans)
  2. Hot Right Now (featuring Rita Ora)
  3. The Feeling (featuring RaVaughn)
  4. Skyhighatrist (featuring Rizzle Kicks)
  5. The Edge (featuring Ayah Marar)
  6. The Power (featuring Dizzee Rascal)
  7. Turn It Up (featuring Fleur East)
  8. Gold Dust (featuring Ms. Dynamite)
  9. Don't Tell Me (featuring Liam Bailey)
  10. Fire Over Water (featuring Juliette Lewis)
  11. See You Again (featuring Adam F and Michael Warren)
  12. Forever More (featuring The Fray and Professor Green)

Other Songs

  1. Believer
  2. Dibby Dibby Sound (with Jay Fay)
  3. Fight
  4. Golddust
  5. Gravity
  6. Make U Bounce

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