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Real Shit

This song is by D-Block.

{*Automatic gunfire*}

(T. Waters)
Yo, this ain't a motherfuckin game nigga
(Real shit) real shit (ride out) ride out
(Ride out) RIDE OUT (ride out) RIDE OUT!
E'rybody a killer until a killer approaches
And then, all that hocus, pocus boastin
You no wins, callin the field up and the drama done build up
And this poverty's the cards that they dealed us
Niggaz that will bust behind bars don't act tough
Without no dust, niggaz don't go nuts!
I'm good, chain dangle in every hood
Leather and wood, I ain't on no celebrity bull
Could never be full, until my niece is obese
Won't sleep till e'ry one of my folks eat
Dig a ditch, large amount {?} high G
My nigga {?} go to sleep with a mac on the sheets
And now, we done started some new shit, exclusive
Gangsta, if you refuse it, you stupid
WHOO KID? No not the DJ, the D.A.
Play what he say on replay, what you did
Instead of 1-2, niggaz doin' two bids
He got life, you slid to a new crib
And no one know where you live
But e'rybody know exactly what you did
Niggaz'll act cool till they get them a lil' bid, shit
That's when they flip and start to act like a little bitch
My, nigga for life, motherfucker's a hypocrite
The way the bullet hit him probably think they was intimate
I'll stand on feet like planted trees
I'm on my A-game, never switch plans to B
The man you see, see, I got plans to be
In position where I ain't gotta carry grams with me
When I ride 45 in my hand with me
Gangsta clique, organized, we a family
And when the last gun fire and the smoke clear
We gon' be standin right there like shit 'chea
I got the 40 on me homey, not a big beer
And guerilla niggaz actin' like big bears
My man Ruger up in Vancouver with the Landcruiser
That's my man's and, he was hand to hand distributors
Heard blam, niggaz hoppin out of vans tryin' to shoot us
Shot back, nigga hit the gas tank, shit blew up

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