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Got It

This song is by D-Block.

A Gurl Whats Up Haha...Chillin...
Well.. Check It. Im Finna Blow Your Mind
Here It Goes

[Verse: Chris Nguyen]
Hey Gurl Wat You Doin?
Come To My Crib, Il Show You Wat You Did
Gimmie Dat Ass
Get This Bid, From Behind, Front To Back
Here Gurl, Tell You What, Spread Your Legs, I Can Hit It Chop It Up Like Some Bread...
Get On Da Bed Use Your Head...
Hit Me Up At
205 556 3660
So I Can Get Ur Call
Do It All Up
Tear Your Walls
Last Night You Sucked My Balls
Cd Maxed Hit Me Like Mike Jones
Man Gurl Wats All These Phones
Pay Me Up Hit Da Check Il Buy You Home

Hey Gurl You Got It ?????
Naw Maybe I Guess I Dont Know ??
Hey Gurl Got It ?????
Naw Maybe I Guess I Dont Know ??

[Verse 2:]
Hey I Like Gurls That Are Nasty
Mexicans, Philos,Blacks,
It Dont Matter As Long They Pasty
All The Gurls Tell Me If You Like Or Hate Me
Just Bcuz I Ues To Be A Hater
But Now I Got Money I Got Greater
If You Dont Like
Go To Hell Blow Ass Get Up
I Got The Game Who D_block He Got More Fame.
All Ya Rappers Be In The Hall Of Shame
Got Damn What Is That
Oh My Bad Thats Yo Ass
Hey Gurls

[Chores x2]

[Verse 3:]
Hey Hears A Lil Story Bout Me
400,000 Dallors Worth A Ring On My Pinky
Gurls Wants Money
Be My Honey
Its A Joke
Gurls Wanna Play Stripper Poke

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