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Rome (For Douglas P)

This song is by Current 93 and appears on the album Earth Covers Earth (1988).

A penny for the old guy

In the time we were lost
And scarred in a moment
Tortured by doubt
And surrounded by ruins
Yours was the pleasure
And mine was the praying
The works of our lifetime
Lay crumbled in dust

And when Rome falls
Falls the world

It was blood that I gave you
And blood that you worshipped
And blood was your question
And blood was your answer
You spit in the fires
And eyes of desire
And snatched back the words
You kept locked in your head

And when Rome falls
Falls the world

And what did you give me?
A rusted bent death's head
A black flag that lies bleeding
A dawn that lies dying
We wandered through the rubbles
In the last breaths of morning
In the empty cathedrals
In a world that has ceased

And when Rome falls
Falls the world

And then make me feel
That the world still turn
When broken is the faith
That kept us alive
And where shall I go?
And if I do will I stumble?
Will anyone catch me
When I fall as I must?

And when Rome falls
Falls the world

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