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Night! Death! Storm! Omega!

This song is by Current 93 and appears on the album Baalstorm, Sing Omega (2010).

Meanwhile, back in the real world
I compass the weather
And wonder if "I love you"
Is the verb-the first and found
The first sound that shone forth
The ⲗⲟⲅⲟⲥ, the first formed flesh
The finger pointing to the pit/the beast
The thumb staining the gown
Claiming the throat in the crowd
Sunny are the fireflies
The night stuck so close around them
Their beams bold in the blackness
Clumping the dark before them
Throw little lightnings
On the shellboxes
And the peep sheen show
Lures the baby to its death
Boys into centuries
That is how they made them
Saddle black helicopters
Place Royalty in their tiny windows
The dodo, the doom
All that breed and bold
The cheque leads the master
Above the marvellous call of Christ the Comet
above you
And under your feet
Is the heart that will pull you downwards
Clownwards into the unemptied crate
That hisses and chatters
Above the crates of bliss and ciphers
Are empty
The place, the noon
Is empty
The analysis queues and arrows soar
Fly, fly, fly the eagles
Back to the joker and the furniture veneer
I waited in the snow
For the flowers to unsleep
And petals to become landscape
And the laughing boat to sail
To send over the towers of the village
But you better meanwhile
Was breathing and bubbling flame
And fires flying in the scarmarshes
Of the stars: BaalStorm
Put yourself in my place
Put your face in my mask
The hated taskmaster
In the troubled heart
That burrows deepest into the slit I stole
The oven boils
The laundry soiled
Mundane massacre in NH
7 die in the street or the Church
Or under the canopy of the clifs
Red the soil
And lamblike the clouds
Clambering over the Semitic cedars
Of beautiful Lebanon
The lily is snatched
Into the ravine
But the hook, the hand
The honurs and your calves sped by
In the twilight of BaalStorm
Sing Omega
Sing Omega
Do not let Omega sing you
Open the door
To left and right
But in the ascent
To the bloodflood
That lambs down
The woundway
On the way down the highway
To the heights
The stones slept by sulphur
But mainly wax was the moon
Sunshone on the salt
The columns of praise
Down we tripped
The loaded tranceway
Salaam! Salaam!
The thistles cover up the hooves of the storm
Crayon and chalk streaks in my hand
I stripped my mind and soul away
And hastened the face
Of the imperfect storm
Her craters dreaming of the perfect dark
Herded sawn
The split of the atom
The infinite leak
Leaches syllables like snow
From the central crown
The dirt ascendant
The prickly fires
Of the Last Night Twist
The crease of the eyes
Boiling in the face
Who stares from the trenches
The mask of stars
The plants which joust
Struggle for the exit train
I saw the dragonflies alight
In their splitsecond glory
My mind was on the line
On which the nightsoil drifted
How dear was metal
How precious the milk
How murderous the corn
The barley, the wheat
"Your flaxen hair", the cliché sang
"As golden crop on the Rhine"
But watch for storms, inclement weather
Freaks of nature
The ruby cow
Ashen in a threeday temple
Watch for the wood of blood
The witches dancing tightly
The light fantastic
Sing oh Sing Ⲱ
Don't let the world download you quite
As quaint as the song sounds
Sing away the rust on the throat
In the Marian blue boat
I glance at the pots, the shards
Search for ostraca in the heiratic stain
Poor memes of breastplates
And lances and armour
The master archer grows arrows in the grove
Before your pagan fall
The olive groves held gods
Dreams leaked onto tongues
And shed lots
In the cool olive evening
Before Sodom and Salt
Set the world on fire
The breeze picked up

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