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This song is by Current 93 and appears on the album Honeysuckle Aeons (2011).

I thought I had seen the Deep
And opened my books
Crooked time opened
Shepherds hearing voices
I also heard the voice
Of your eyes
Dark emerald seducer
Covered the carved rose
Bracketed the melted crux
Crutch kicked from under me
Under hills with skin
Faded like dogs dreaming
Of the coming master dark dog
The bitch creased in black jets
Felt the glans muscle into the clouds
Of pink and twink and skittle
Hurtle away
You groovy girls with Teeth
Cursed with bloods Moons and necklaces
I thought of the Cat when
I almost entered the Bright Bowl Howl
And still thought of the Cat in brother-love
More fun than the gun at my head
I thought of the beach drowning in lights
I thought of the time it was 4 or 5
Short hours I slept and damaged my soul
Or southern legs: the cramp
Kicks in like an ape
At the back of my neck is the cervix
Timed the faces in the sky
Elephants in dandelion or clover
Ventured into Persia in that dream
I had classical passion slipped into me
Gravelled harsh music
Clapping whores back to sweet Ram
Slipping between the Sphinx's legs
Come on in
Come on down
Further down to the very end of the rainbow
Where its hands push her heart
Into the beautiful lake of flowers
Kissing the edges
Kissing the birds
Who salute Queendom
As she swoops over the horizon
With angels and adders holding
The hem of her graceful naked gown

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