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I Dance Narcoleptic

This song is by Current 93 and appears on the album Baalstorm, Sing Omega (2010).

I dreamt I was as cool as flies
A telephone ringing in the heart of the moon
I dreamt I tasted a legion of faces
Drank valleys dry
Picked up strippers in Jericho
"Dangerous!" cry the ends of the world
"Storm alert!" over the horizon

Heard of Madame Max?
Heard of Madame Max?
She hides her gargoyle eyes
Reflects torture and landslides
Her carrion gun is cocked
And ready for flight
When BaalStorm shudders
When Christ returns
Megaphone ponies
Shall snuff out the dead
Snowstorms bawl "BaalStorm"
He had the face of flies
Flying over Nilus
The crocodile river
He has the gown
That covers the drains
His was the breath that unlocked
The Pentagon-Pentacle Apocryphal
Over the Queen
Of England's prostitute crown
Winds soar, loose choirs
And whoops for massacre
"Choirs of peacocks sing
Breathe stars and count the dark"

Dreamt of mounting dogs
Gave birth to jade films
The BaalStorm breaks waking
And the massacre answered
"The Nile is refilled with blood"
Mixes harps with gun turrets
The cruel head-his cruel scope
Delivering saintfire
Held the skulls of dogs
Or wolves to the storm
The Phalanx over the Phoenix
Wings beating as if
The world was swallowing itself
Bred by BaalStorm
Crippled comets wake
In blasted bedrock
Grinning at last
The solstice sinks sighing
The wheat fails
And what remained?
A beating heart spinning
In the jaws
Slavering inbetween the teeth
Of the storms
Dust of days
Brays rocks and tragedy
First planned in empty time
Before the Crown was
On the King
Before the finger
In the Ring
Sing Omega
Before the stings arose
And clambered in trees
The mercy throne in the winds
The poor dreamed earthquakes
For breakfast boiled cities
And laughed
Sang Omega
Held torches and beakers
Annulled their watchtowers
Revealed their broken faces
Knelt sore to the SawStorm
The biter of bodies
The Kill King-the Proud Horn
Builds ramparts of flame
Well are you fucking saved?
Or just from above?
Baptised with salt?
Was God on your tongue
Last twilight
When the thunder hit
And split your mind?
Were you cheerfully spying for the guards
Who tended your graves?
Did you hinder Heaven?
Around me now
The olive trees sing
And I dance narcoleptic
In their brush fed the storm
Sweet boy, sweet girl
Sing Omega
Covered with silence
And covered with stars

Sing omega!

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