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24 Hours

This song is by Cueshé and appears on the album Half Empty, Half Full (2005).

I've been lying here and wide awake
Till the night dies out and day to break
Every minute seems like endless hours
When I'm with you

I miss your eyes, your smile, and lovely face
I can't forget your sweet embrace
We both could share our endless dreams if you were here

Doesn't matter if I'm alone
I got a place I call my own
I don't care if you're away
'Cause I know you'll be back someday,

I guess its better if we were off that way

We'll find ourselves and come what may
If I could have one wish then I will beg
For you to stay


I've been lying here and wide awake
The sun has gone for the moon to take
I never thought that we could end like this
Wish you were here


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