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Crystal Gayle (1975)

Crystal Gayle - Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle

  1. Wrong Road Again
  2. A Woman's Heart (Is a Handy Place to Be)
  3. Gonna Lay Me Down Beside My Memories
  4. When I Dream
  5. You
  6. Loving You So Long Now
  7. Beyond You
  8. Crystal Gayle:Hands Hands
  9. Counterfeit Love (I Know You've Got It)
  10. This Is My Year for Mexico

Somebody Loves You (1975)

Crystal Gayle - Somebody Loves You

Somebody Loves You

  1. Before I'm Fool Enough (To Give It One More Try)
  2. I'll Get Over You
  3. Sweet Baby on My Mind
  4. I Want to Lose Me in You
  5. High Time
  6. Somebody Loves You
  7. What You've Done for Me
  8. Coming Closer
  9. Dreaming My Dreams with You
  10. What I've Been Needin

Crystal (1976)

Crystal Gayle - Crystal


  1. I'll Do It All Over Again
  2. Oh My Soul
  3. Ready For the Times to Get Better
  4. Come Home Daddy
  5. One More Time (Karneval)
  6. You Never Miss a Real Good Thing
  7. Right in the Palm of Your Hand
  8. Forgettin' 'Bout You
  9. Let's Do It Right
  10. I'm Not So Far Away

We Must Believe in Magic (1977)

Crystal Gayle - We Must Believe in Magic

We Must Believe in Magic

  1. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
  2. I Wanna Come Back to You
  3. River Road
  4. It's All Right With Me
  5. Going Down Slow
  6. All I Wanna Do in Life
  7. Make a Dream Come True
  8. Green Door
  9. Funny
  10. We Must Believe in Magic

When I Dream (1978)

Crystal Gayle - When I Dream

When I Dream

  1. Why Have You Left the One You Left Me For
  2. Heart Menter
  3. Hello I Love You
  4. Talking in Your Sleep
  5. Paintin' This Old Town Blue
  6. When I Dream
  7. Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger
  8. Too Good to Throw Away
  9. Cry Me a River
  10. Wayward Wind
  11. Someday Soon
  12. I Still Miss Someone

We Should Be Together (1979)

Crystal Gayle - We Should Be Together

We Should Be Together

  1. Sneakin' Out the Back Door
  2. You'll Be Loved Someday
  3. Beyond You
  4. You're the Best Thing in My Life
  5. Time Will Prove That I'm Right
  6. Your Kisses Will
  7. Your Old Cold Shoulder
  8. Through Believing in Love Songs
  9. Too Deep for Tears
  10. We Should Be Together

Miss the Mississippi (1979)

Crystal Gayle - Miss the Mississippi

Miss the Mississippi

  1. Half the Way
  2. The Other Side of Me
  3. Room For One More
  4. Don't Go My Love
  5. Dancing the Night Away
  6. It's Like We Never Said Goodbye
  7. The Blue Side
  8. A Little Bit of the Rain
  9. Danger Zone
  10. Miss The Mississippi And You

These Days (1980)

Crystal Gayle - These Days

These Days

  1. Too Many Lovers
  2. If You Ever Change Your Mind
  3. Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City
  4. Same Old Story (Same Old Song)
  5. Help Yourselves To Each Other
  6. Take It Easy
  7. I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone
  8. You've Almost Got Me Believin'
  9. Lover Man
  10. What a Little Moonlight Can Do

Hollywood, Tennessee (1981)

Crystal Gayle - Hollywood, Tennessee

Hollywood, Tennessee

  1. Keepin' Power
  2. The Woman in Me
  3. Ain't No Sunshine
  4. You Never Gave Up on Me
  5. Hollywood
  6. Livin' in These Troubled Times
  7. Love Crazy Love
  8. Lean on Me
  9. Crying in the Rain
  10. Tennessee

True Love (1982)

Crystal Gayle - True Love

True Love

  1. Our Love Is on the Faultline
  2. Deeper In the Fire
  3. 'Til I Gain Control Again
  4. Baby, What About You
  5. You Bring Out the Lover in Me
  6. True Love
  7. Everything I Own
  8. Let Your Feelings Show
  9. Easier Said Than Done
  10. He Is Beautiful to Me

Cage the Songbird (1983)

Crystal Gayle - Cage the Songbird

Cage the Songbird

  1. The Sound of Goodbye
  2. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
  3. Me Against the Night
  4. Cage the Songbird
  5. Turning Away
  6. Come Back (When You Can Stay Forever)
  7. Victim Or a Fool
  8. You Made a Fool of Me
  9. On Our Way to Love
  10. Take Me Home

Nobody Wants to Be Alone (1985)

Crystal Gayle - Nobody Wants to Be Alone

Nobody Wants to Be Alone

  1. A Long And Lasting Love
  2. Tonight. Tonight
  3. Nobody Wants To Be Alone
  4. Love Does That to Fools
  5. Coming to the Dance
  6. You Were There for Me
  7. Touch and Go
  8. Someone Like You
  9. A New Way to Say I Love You
  10. God Bless the Child

Straight to the Heart (1986)

Crystal Gayle - Straight to the Heart

Straight to the Heart

  1. Straight to the Heart
  2. Cry
  3. Take This Heart
  4. A Little Bit Closer
  5. Do I Have to Say Goodbye?
  6. Deep Down
  7. Crazy In the Heart
  8. Only Love Can Save Me Now
  9. Nobody Should Have to Love This Way
  10. Lonely Girl

What If We Fall in Love? (1987)

Crystal Gayle - What If We Fall in Love?

What If We Fall in Love?

  1. Another World
  2. What If We Fall in Love
  3. Who’s Going to Love You Like Me
  4. Love Won’t Let Me Quit
  5. One More Try for Love
  6. Makin' Up For Lost Time (The Dallas Lovers' Song)
  7. There’s No Love Like Our Love
  8. All of This and More
  9. Wanna Give My Love
  10. Reminisce

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  1. I Fall To Pieces
  2. Jesus On The Mainline
  3. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  4. Sentimental Journey
  5. Silver Bells
  6. Smile
  7. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  8. The Christmas Song
  9. What Child Is This
  10. What'll I Do
  11. Just You And I

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