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The Battle Of The Yellow Ford

This song is by Cruachan and appears on the album Nine Years Of Blood (2018).

Forces of the crown assembled,
To march against The Gael.
To aid the Blackwater Fort,
The English were doomed to fail!
Henry Banegal was in command
Of four thousand armoured men,
Hugh O'Neill did lead the Irish,
They took position in wood and glen.
The road to the fort was lethal,
With a trench dug far and wide,
Marshalled at the Yellow Ford,
The Irish army did reside.

Six regiments the English held,
And towards the fort they marched,
Irish Kerns, concealed in the woods,
Gave the order - Attack, Attack!

O'Neill did search for Banegal,
He wished to settle this hand to hand,
But the Marshall had already fallen,
Hugh O'Neill was in command!
The English store of power
Was targeted and did explode,
Men began to flee through the river-
Of English blood that flowed.

The English struggled and fought
Until the massive trench was reached was reached,
Their casualties were already great,
As their lines were cruelly breached.
A mistake in Banegal's tactics
Would prove fatal to his fight,
His regiments were spaced too wide,
A fault the Irish did exploit.

And so the battle did end,
Half the forces of the crown were lost,
But an escalation of the war,
Would be the ultimate cost!

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