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Hugh O'neil - The Earl Of Tyron

This song is by Cruachan and appears on the album Nine Years Of Blood (2018).

From the clan O'Neill in Tyrone
A leader would arise
Born to a world of conflict
And a crown he would despise.

His name was Hugh O'Neill
Raised in the English Pale
He served his English Lords
And fought against the noble Gael

But this was all a ruse
A scan to hide his true intent
He built a massive army
With a duty to dissent

The English called him a traitor!
The Irish rallied to his call
Through power play and struggle,
O'Neill would lead them all!

O'Neill, O'Neill, O'Neill Arise!
War is fast approaching, and Ireland is the prize
O'Neill, O'Neill, O'Neill Command!
The English are upon us let us drive them from our land

He sought aid from Spain and Scotland
He secured his Northern lands.
The English lords were furious
They began to draw up his plans
He sacked the fort - Blackwater
Killing English lords and more,
The wheels were now in motion,
So began the Nine Years War!

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