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Blood And Victory

This song is by Cruachan and appears on the album Nine Years Of Blood (2018).

The English did increase their strangle hold on Irish land.
Their garrisons grew in number, under Bagenal's command.
O'Neill besieged a fort, he held to ransom eighty men,
Henry Bagenal though this folly, and set his army to defend.

Near two thousand troops Bagenal did have a hand,
Veterans of Spanish wars were his to command.
His confidence as great; his arrogance it knew no bounds
He did not realise he faced a pack of Irish Hounds

Bagenal was ambushed as they marched towards the fort,
Irish muskets fired as cavalry attacked with force.
The English then did charge and made a dash towards the gate,
They reached their destination but their losses they were great!

Two short days did pass, and the resupply was complete,
English forces left the fortress, in darkness they tried to retreat.

The Irish watched and were waiting, they attacked with vigour so true,
Their cavalry caused so much chaos, the number of English dead grew.

O'Neill himself did fight hand to hand upon the field,
Against an English cavalry man who fell to Irish steel.

Banegal led his force to a hilltop engulfed in flame,
There they awaited their end but the Irish never came.

O'Neill's muskets had run dry of the powder that they crave,
So he left the battle leaving hundreds in their graves.
Banegal quickly fled, O'Neill revelled with his men,
At the battle of the yellow ford, they would meet again.

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