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Time Will Take Us

This song is by Cowboy and appears on the album The Gregg Allman Tour (1974) by Gregg Allman.

Didn't I run into you down in Mexico?
You were looking for the girl
What ya doing back here in Georgia?
With your hair in a coloured swirl

The feet that filled your shoes
They been pacing the whole night through
Though I disagree with your decision
I'd never disagree with you

You're like a rooster with no sense of time
Waking up to late
Calling out loudly from inside your yard
Just beyond your swinging gate

I think about we talk too much
But no matter what we say
Time will take the two of us
Show the proper way

Just that grand arrangement
There's just one place you know
Read the signs as best we can
And go by what we know

I was like a mule last night with blinders on
I was looking straight ahead
And I'm really sorry for the way I froze
Instead of hearing what you said to me

When you buy too many drinks
And you talk to fast and slick
I believe I'd rather wind my watch
Then sit and listen to it tick

I believe you told someone your headaches
Anyone could have guessed
You got those rings around both eyeballs
And your chin is on your chest

Now you, you don't want my life
And me, I don't want your play
But time will take the two of us
Blow us all away


Written by:

Frank Thomas Talton

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