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Cow Cow Davenport Vol. 1 (1925-1929) (1992)

Cow Cow Davenport - Cow Cow Davenport Vol. 1 (1925-1929)

Cow Cow Davenport Vol. 1 (1925-1929)

  1. Cow Cow Blues (with Dora Carr)
  2. Alabama Mis-Treater (with Dora Carr)
  3. Jim Crow Blues
  4. Goin' Home Blues
  5. New Cow Cow Blues
  6. Stealin' Blues
  7. Cow Cow Blues (Take A)
  8. Cow Cow Blues (Take B)
  9. State Street Jive (Take A)
  10. State Street Jive (Take B)
  11. Chimin' The Blues
  12. Alabama Strut
  13. Alabama Mistreater
  14. Dirty Ground Hog Blues
  15. Chimes Blues
  16. Struttin' The Blues
  17. Givin' It Away
  18. Slow Drag
  19. Atlanta Rag
  20. That'll Get It (with Sam Theard)
  21. I'm Gonna Tell You In Front So You Won't Feel Hurt Behind (with Sam Theard)
  22. State Street Blues (with Sam Theard)
  23. Back In The Alley
  24. Mootch Piddle

Songs on Compilations

Other Songs

  1. Betty and Dupree
  2. Everybody Likes That Thing

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1894, d.1955
  • Instruments Piano, vocals

Real name:

Cow Cow Davenport is a performance name for Charles Edward Davenport.

Years active:



  • Dora Carr

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