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Album by Counting Crows.
  1. Round Here
  2. Omaha
  3. Mr. Jones
  4. Perfect Blue Buildings
  5. Anna Begins
  6. Time and Time Again
  7. Rain King
  8. Sullivan Street
  9. Ghost Train
  10. Raining In Baltimore
  11. A Murder of One
2007 re-issue bonus tracks
  1. Shallow Days (Acoustic demo)
  2. Mean Jumper Blues (Acoustic demo)
  3. Love and Addiction (Demo)
  4. Omaha (Demo)
  5. Shallow Days (Demo)
  6. This Land Is Your Land (Acoustic demo)
2007 re-issue bonus disc
  1. Anna Begins (Live)
  2. Omaha (Live)
  3. Jumping Jesus (Live)
  4. Margery Dreams of Horses (Live)
  5. Perfect Blue Buildings (Live)
  6. Round Here (Live)
  7. Rain King (Live)
  8. Time and Time Again (Live)
  9. Ghost Train (Live)
  10. Children in Bloom (Live)
  11. A Murder of One (Live)
  12. Sullivan Street (Live)
  13. The Ghost in You (Live)


  • Produced by T-Bone Burnett
  • Bass, guitar, vocals by Matt Malley
  • Piano, Hammond B3 organ, accordion, Chamberlan, vocals by Charlie Gillingham
  • Vocals, piano, harmonica by Adam Duritz
  • Drums, vocals by Steve Bowman
  • Guitars, vocals by David Bryson
  • Guitars, mandolins, pedal steel guitar, mandocello, vocals by David Immerglück
  • Guitar, guitorgan by Bill Dillon
  • Percussion, drums on track 3 by Denny Fongheiser
  • Guitar by T-Bone Burnett
  • Backing vocals by Gary Louris
  • Backing vocals by Mark Olson
  • Backing vocals by Maria McKee

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