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My Baby and Me

This song is by Cory Morrow and appears on the album Vagrants & Kings (2008).

My baby and me, we like to stay out late
We drink in bars and we roller skate
Its just the two of us, my baby and me
Mornin comes and she's combin her hair
I'm stairin at her in the mirror
She smiles and I see
The reflection of my baby and me

Every morning, every day
Every breath she takes, takes mine away
She shines like the stars, she flies through my heart
I swear anymore, I just can't keep my eyes off of her
It's like nothin' I've seen, this thing between
The two of us, my baby and me
Well sometimes we fight
When we do well we make up al night
Oh and there's nothin' so sweet, as the light of the dawn
On my baby and me


Written by:

Chris Hennessee and Cory Morrow

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