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<lyricfind artist="Cornelius" album="Fantasma" additionalAlbums="" song="Clash" songwriter="" publisher="" amgid=2006390>
<lyricfind artist="Cornelius" album="Fantasma [Japan Bonus Tracks]" additionalAlbums="Fantasma" song="Clash" songwriter="" publisher="" amgid=2006390>
On that cold winter day
On that cold winter day
At that club
At that club

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Albums: Fantasma [Japan Bonus Tracks], Fantasma

This song is by Cornelius (uneditable LyricFind version).

On that cold winter day
At that club
You and I met
It had been a long time
Playing on that stage
That skinny guy
Hitting his drum
Banging his cymbal


A row of glasses
Sitting on the table
I choose one
I pick it up
As I lift it to my lips
I saw you
You looked into my eyes
I felt it slip away


Now it's broken
My glass is in pieces
Gather them together
Melt them down with fire
Now I can make
A glass figurine
It looked like somebody
Maybe Mick Jones?


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