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The Rap Game

This song is by Cormega.

Little Brother, uh
Khyrsis on the boards with the heat
Ah, 'Mega, yo

They wanna know who it is, it's I who doin' it
Rapper bring it iller than most, no brag, no boast, I tell it like it is
Been across the globe, couple records sold
Couple hoes lost control, I ain't tryin' have kids

Tryin' have biz, import, export
UPS-out sort, minority on 'scort
Loyal on the team, got my people's L back
My brother Ronnie back, tryin' keep him out of court

Keep him out of sorts with the same drug hustle
Eight years later, we facin a new struggle
Bet it all, black, tryin' see my money double
Spun it to the red, now I know we all in trouble

[Unverified] both startin' to bubble
Both startin' to hustle, stack our chips
I thought I went straight when we first started out
But now I'm lookin' back, neither one is legit, shit

Yeah uh
Niggaz sayin' Phonte's the embodiment
Of hip-hop, so when my shit drop
Just cop any verse and watch him body it
Leave your team stone faced like monuments

Cross-country, shit, I'm cross-continents
Take a trip where we get that dough
Niggaz lookin' at me like, "Is that so?"
But we flip that dough and dip like condiments

Cheap nigga but I still stay confident
Hell, I'm only payin' taxes and compliments
While all of y'all watch me, there's been a murder
Y'all should call for the autopsy

Or call the law, somebody should stop me
Killin' each track is the shit I'm on
QB to NC is how we get it on
LB and 'Mega real rap Renaissance, check it out

My lyrical skills is superior to many arguably
Mental energy generate artistry
And hip-hop is not deceased, it's dealing with Christ
Ironically yet His calm'll manifest it like a prophesy

The art was disregarded for economy
They played us, it ain't like the labels let the artist eat
They bait us with dreams of dreams poverty
VMA'ed ya, yet they pay us like minorities

Need to raise up like a Quantum Leap
Stay up, ain't no time to sleep
Save and buy some property, then cop you a V
Acknowledge these jewels are conflict free

I style on you when I rhyme and that was just me
The last MC on the track with LB
My rhymes are doper than a crack head's dream
I drew more text than Artest's sheet
Which means even the haters must respect my game


Written by:

Cory McKay

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