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Stay Up

This song is by Cormega and appears on the album Legal Hustle (2004).

(Feat. Kira)

I went to catchin' cases to buyin' cases of Don flyin' places
From metal bracelets, to diamond bracelets
From ghetto pavements, to hotter ways with
My own private acre, I'm movin' up like the Jeffersons
Drivin' spaceships, like the Jetsons, my mic
Conseption is deep
Like my conseption, my life was tested, numerous times
Like Judas, the father's rudest child
Only a winner could lose with a smile, refusin' to bow
Even the critics of Cormega, enthusiast now
As well the SL-5, watch how the roof come down
When Sammy come through, you know how the crew get down
We no longer have to move bricks now
Rainy days are brighter when the jewels are out
And we only dealin' with people, showin' true love now
Dedicate to every one who grew up hard
Sky's the limit, reach for the stars

(Chorus: Kira)
I had to let it go, I had to let it start a change
It ain't, the same no more, no more, no it ain't
Harder times has gone away, say goodbye to heartaches
Livin' in the ghetto... livin' in the ghetto

I got a daughter to raise, I thought that the game was honorable
Till Porter was slain, when Magic and Jordan were playin'
Ballers were famous, they aura made us, hug corners daily
Similar to the fiends we serve daily
No more sleepin', my eyes, son, I see the world clearly
Whether the projects depths, or the seed of a six series
As I breeze through the city, rockin' Annie Vezel and Pennies
I realize people who feel me, are the reason, I mean it sincerely
I can never lose the love of the streets, that endeared me
Throughout my adoloscent years, slingin' packs daily
Reminiscin' people who cash yearly
While starin' at pictures, wishin' they was here with me
Like my man's who kept it real with me
We been through hard times, now we sittin' in hard rides
We ain't hard to find, we either
At the crab, going hard in Live
Or on the block, chillin' right outside

Sometimes I sit inside my residence, and I just think
Of my life, and the situations I might face
Ain't too many real niggaz, is my kind extinct?
I'm alive, yet a part of me, died with Spank
I'm still in the game, relentless when my pen hits
The paper with a vengeance, the essence of the ghetto
I live it, the realness, straight out the street
Alotta schemes were laid down, children were leavin' playgrounds
'Cause dealer squeeze a tre' pound, uh
No m.c. could get in my area
Lyrically, few will ever meet the criteria
I'm clearly a superior breed, like a terriar
Right here in the streets, where rappers scared to come

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