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This song is by Cormega.

1: Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Mega Man
Cormega:What's Up Son
1:What's the deal Son Yo remember what we was talking about the other day yo?
Cormega: Yeah
1: Well Son I just want you to spit that jewel you was spitting the other day. Let these dudes hear this real quick.
Cormega: A Jealous Nigga is a dangerous nigga 'cause he's dealing with emotion you know what I'm saying and emotions conflicts with intelligence and common sense. You see a loyal nigga is more vallable to Brute force because Brute force can be turned against him
1: A Loyal What?
Cormega: A Loyal Nigga
1: Yeah Yeah
Cormega: Yo Loyalty's worth more than wealth in a world where niggas be all for self I got friends who never called until they want help and expect me to show love I don't receive for them it hurts me because I would bleed for them but is it worth me risking being free for them? I got alot more to lose and thoughts alot more secluded yours alot more polluted what should I do man? Bitches clocking my dick just like the Blue Van my nigga blue clad I see he was one of my true man's the same nigga's life I saved. Defy my name betrayal put a price in a grave Nigga's I'm wiritng this way to up they want to stop you now they talk about you now even your friends wanna rob you.
You think I'm lying ask the Rich Porter Mob Dudes
Shit is Real give me a mental face of a friend who won't snake you and loyalty unlike my previous label and all my niggas on the run be careful the cops don't know your secrets but your man's do
Loyalty never give it till it's earned nigga, that's the reason why I wasn't with the firm nigga all I got was big spank and sherm nigga something that alot of snakes don't deserve Loyalty never give it till it's earned all I ogt was Big spank and sherm Nigga

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