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La Familia

This song is by Cormega and features Nas, AZ and Foxy Brown.

Ayo guns and roses sons and soldiers drug game cocaine ac's and range rovers snakes plan a way to set they own man up for grams when they bag up cristal white at night pistols might lift you like heat seeking missles streets tempt you police stop to get you 'cause niggas you ran wit got knocked and snitched too ya bitch knew time you faced you didn't hide the safe now she's fuckin' in your fly estate by the fireplace my shine stay laced mind original Firm La Familia organized criminals boy you just a hand to hand soldier I'm a general one way ticket to hell is what I'm sendin you yo you idiot rookie cops know my props go high like himilayan mountains Mega bouncin' in the a z3 countin' up g's wit no doubt son
I'll die for my niggas stick you for pies and lie for my niggas plead guilty hit the chair and fry for my niggas its essential that we all ?
We been through life cold blood living sinful though we learn from old thugs who made it peeped how they played it we rated and evaluated calculated the ages we be the day we see chips freely beyond whips and TV's stockbonds loot and flippin CD's but niggas hate to see you on top they'd rather be you what not I keep the desert eagle up on cock spot the snitch and he's got quick why pop shit my niggas leave you shot quick in a hop skip specialize in fly shit vs on my breath while niggas gossip I'm on some dough or die shit
Foxy Brown:
Ill nana capo the Firm team gustapo 36 moves 37 ways triple days triple pays nana Fox boogy Firm mama kniver the lady kadaver or scarlet whichever o'hara the hazardous we lace the lazerous drippin gambinana

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