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Every Hood

This song is by Cormega and appears on the album The Testament (2005).

(Feat. Fatal Hussein, Niko)

(Fatal Hussein)
From the bridge back to Jersey, all the way to the crib
I wear a vest from the west, stressed from the shit I did
Whether the body in a trench, and they trynna sneak the shotty in
Can't make bail in the same jail Gotti in
They all wanna murder me, bitches
So now they plot on my riches, finally they heard of me
Blast these trick niggaz, fakin' jacks on the body
Killed jokers, better than me, and you can ask Bobby
Vision goin' to prison, yeah I heard it before
Hang around the poor, put the riches on the floor
Spittin' that shit when I was locked back
Hands on the pump, make 'em jump when I cock back
You ain't real for real, you real for fake
When I'm steppin' with my weapon, we conceal the shake
And the waist lift chirl in, lost in the worldwind
My diamonds glisten value on your bitch and her

(Chorus: Niko)
Your hood and mine, is all the same
We're all thugs livin' in the black man's pain
I know that we can break this chain
If we come together, we can make a change

Yo, I ask god what my future holds
Will I be quarterbackin' a package, and fuckin' crack super bowl?
My sons stackin' one, private attorneys for captured ones
Indictment dismissed, the prints didn't match the gun
Rim shoppin', gem stars spinnin', 360 when d's blitz me
I'm grinnin', you see me, I'm livin'
Your mind finally injured, my ride lightly tinted
And stop sweatin' my whip, your lady might be in it
At nighttime, cruisin', listenin' to music
And analyzin' attentions of people that I'm cool with
In my hood 'cause I choose it, not 'cause I'm condemned to it
My kindness is weakness, but death if you abuse it
My contest, formed in an isolated project
Manifested alleged, think I need a sob
Next song, perfected, yo the bridge, tech nine protect it
My rap is cyphilis, the mic, a bitch that I infected

(Fatal Hussein)
Twist a Campbell, and round the team like Nelson Rambo
They only suit front commando, when they slippery with the handle
Catta' glisem, you heard of us, get away from me nervous
He put his bond on a suit, and got his heart at the service

Aiyo, I'm so ill, I wanna die like a criminal
Live deadly venom, Mega, invincible
Brain wave converter, paragraph inserter
Expert, my rap indicates murder

(Fatal Hussein)
Take ten steps, turn around, draw and drop
Mega, they die, 'cause they never be as raw as Pac
I got money on my mind, tyin' in my vision
Outlaw name travel pain through the prison

Aiyo, R.I.P. B.I.G., 2Pac and Eazy-E
Stretch from the Live Squad, Scott LaRock from BDP
You see me in a CE coupe, watchin' TV
Yo, Fatal, you my nigga, I'mma die if you need me

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