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Endangered Species

This song is by Cormega and appears on the album The True Meaning (2002).

Dress don't impress me (uh)
Ain't no love, your death won't affect me
How dare you? Think I fear you
Or won't retaliate,
Nigga, bring it to me I strike immediately
I see the envy, you lust what I posses
Guns at my address await you
You slept, I'm'a erase you
I don't hate you
I never gave you a reason, but fuck it: BRING IT!
You wanna, put my life in your hands like dice
I got money in the bank, you ain't stop
Your jealousy may stop, appear more clear
Strategy's more severe
I'm in your mind so much you see me in your mirror
I crush you and won't hesitate to buck you
Can't rock me to sleep, I don't trust you
I'm not prey, I'm'a fuck a predator
I'm'a still be here while you're dead and gone...

These animals wild life
Niggas wanna challenge me
Snake mothafuckas with guerrilla mentality
These cats be spineless, to alkaline batteries
Enter the picture, and switch up anatomies

You must've forgot, I got guns too
And son too will take your miserable life, from you
What the fuck you think
If sleeping is a weakness
Amongst the illest, I hung with killers,
Slung with dealers, my gun the illest
In the projects, the fully automated sterling
Will make your world end
So fast and shatter like a coke glass with too much heat
Too much beef is hard to digest (uh)
You can't defy death (what)
Your man can die next when I press the trigger
Direct shots will hit you fatally, I play for keeps
Stay away from me, we not peoples, we not equal
When its on, ends: there's not a sequel!
Life will leave you when I squeeze, duke
I know rage is blind but I'm'a see you
It's only right, apologies to your only kin and lonely wife
'Cause you ain't coming home tonight (uh)

Nothing sweeter than revenge
The vengeance is splendid, your body extended
White chalk and forensics
I'm... prepared, never scared
You the least of my fears
My niggas shed blood, your niggas shed tears
I'm like a soldier, your life is over
I'm'a strike like a cobra and smile like the joker
You a statistic, your shit all twisted
I, unleash the beast without three sixes
Wish we could've fixed it
Now, I'm staring at your muralized picture
Streets cried with you but the beef died with you
You wanted war? I complied with cha
I got to choose now
I'm the prince of the street for laying you down
I reign supreme, niggas never should've never came for me
It's over la, close your eyes,
When you die its on the rise
You got sent to God's kingdom
For opposing mines!
(Gun cocks, then fires)

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