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|hometown = Taber
|hometown = Taber
==[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Modern Pain (1995)|Modern Pain (1995)]]==
{{Album Art|Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans - Modern Pain.jpg|Modern Pain}}
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Expectation And The Blues|Expectation and the Blues]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:We Used To Ride 'em|We Used to Ride 'Em]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Untitled Waltz|Untitled Waltz]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Your Game Again|Your Game Again]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Owlsong|Owlsong]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:La Souffrance Des Gens|La Souffrance des Gens]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Lament For Lester Cousins|Lament for Lester Cousins]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Lives Of Attrition (The Best We Can Do)|Lives of Attrition (The Best We Can Do)]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:You And Your Creeping|You and Your Creeping]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Heavy And Leaving|Heavy and Leaving]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Waste And Tragedy|Waste and Tragedy]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Manyberries|Manyberries]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Evil In Me|Evil in Me]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Hockey Song (Live)|Hockey Song (live)]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Sixteen Tons (Live)|Sixteen Tons (live)]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (Live)|Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (live)]]'''
==[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Unforgiving Mistress (1999)|Unforgiving Mistress (1999)]]==
{{Album Art|Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans - Unforgiving Mistress.jpg|Unforgiving Mistress}}
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Mora (Blackberry)|Mora (Blackberry)]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:The Case Of The Wine Soaked Preacher|The Case of the Wine Soaked Preacher]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Remains Of You|Remains of You]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Guitar From The Wall|Guitar From the Wall]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Where Is My Soldier?|Where Is My Soldier?]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Spanish Armada|Spanish Armada]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:I've Been Needin'|I've Been Needin']]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Young And Jaded|Young and Jaded]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Engine Revver|Engine Revver]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:We Used To Ride 'em|We Used to Ride 'em]]'''
# '''[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:The Oldest Rythym|The Oldest Rythym]]'''
==[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Five Dollar Bill (2002)|Five Dollar Bill (2002)]]==
==[[Corb Lund And The Hurtin' Albertans:Five Dollar Bill (2002)|Five Dollar Bill (2002)]]==
{{Album Art||Five Dollar Bill}}
{{Album Art||Five Dollar Bill}}

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Modern Pain (1995)

  1. Expectation and the Blues
  2. We Used to Ride 'Em
  3. Untitled Waltz
  4. Your Game Again
  5. Owlsong
  6. La Souffrance des Gens
  7. Lament for Lester Cousins
  8. Lives of Attrition (The Best We Can Do)
  9. You and Your Creeping
  10. Heavy and Leaving
  11. Waste and Tragedy
  12. Manyberries
  13. Evil in Me
  14. Hockey Song (live)
  15. Sixteen Tons (live)
  16. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (live)

Unforgiving Mistress (1999)

  1. Mora (Blackberry)
  2. The Case of the Wine Soaked Preacher
  3. Remains of You
  4. Guitar From the Wall
  5. Where Is My Soldier?
  6. Spanish Armada
  7. I've Been Needin'
  8. Young and Jaded
  9. Engine Revver
  10. We Used to Ride 'em
  11. The Oldest Rythym

Five Dollar Bill (2002)

Corb Lund - Five Dollar Bill

Five Dollar Bill

  1. Five Dollar Bill
  2. Expectation and the Blues
  3. Short Native Grasses (Prairies of Alberta)
  4. There Are No Roads Here
  5. Apocalyptic Modified Blues
  6. Heavy and Leaving
  7. Intro/Jack of Diamonds
  8. Time to Switch to Whiskey
  9. Roughest Neck Around
  10. Daughter Don't You Marry No Guitar Picker
  11. (Gonna) Shine Up My Boots
  12. Buckin' Horse Rider
  13. She Won't Come to Me

Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer (2005)

  1. Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer
  2. The Truck Got Stuck
  3. Always Keep An Edge On Your Knife
  4. The Rodeo’s Over (with Ian Tyson)
  5. Hurtin’ Albertan
  6. Big Butch Bass Bull Fiddle
  7. All I Wanna Do Is Play Cards
  8. The Truth Comes Out
  9. Counterfeiter’s Blues
  10. Good Copenhagen
  11. Trouble In The Country
  12. Little Foothills Heaven
  13. The Truck Got Stuck Talkin' Blues (featuring Ramblin' Jack Elliott)

Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier (2007)

  1. I Wanna Be in the Cavalry
  2. Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier
  3. Lament for Lester Cousins
  4. Brother Brigham, Brother Young
  5. The Horse I Rode In On
  6. A Leader on Losing Control
  7. Student Visas
  8. What That Song Means Now
  9. Hard on Equipment (Tool For The Job)
  10. Family Reunion
  11. Especially a Paint
  12. Ciesla's Revenge
  13. My Saddle Horse Has Died
  14. I Wanna Be in the Cavalry Reprise
  15. Taps

Losin' Lately Gambler (2009)

  1. Horse Doctor, Come Quick
  2. Steer Rider's Blues
  3. A Game in Town Like This
  4. Alberta Says Hello
  5. Talkin' Veterinarian Blues
  6. It's Hard to Keep a White Shirt Clean
  7. Long Gone to Saskatchewan
  8. Devil's Best Dress
  9. The Only Long Rider I Know
  10. Chinook Wind
  11. This is My Prairie
  12. Rye Whiskey/Time to Switch to Whiskey (live in Australia)

Other Songs

  1. Counterfeiters' Blues
  2. Gonna Shine Up My Boots
  3. Hard On Equipment / Tool For The Job
  4. My Saddlehorse Has Died
  5. The Oils Back In Town
  6. The Rodeo's Over


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