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Steer Rider's Blues

This song is by Corb Lund and appears on the album Losin' Lately Gambler (2009).

I got the boy steer rider's blues
I got my name in the rodeo news
I can't explain it to the girls at school
But I think it's pretty damn cool
I won a bunch of buckles by the time I turned fourteen
And still the pretty ladies don't want nothin' to do with me

Last weekend I showed 'em how
They had us on some ornery old cows
I kicked her in the belly once
And she gave me a couple of good jumps
She turned back both ways and they marked me a 73
I hit the ground running and she came hookin' after me

I got the boy steer rider's blues
But it's all gonna be ok
I got the boy steer rider's blues
I'm gonna ride me a bull someday

I got the boy steer rider's blues
I bucked off at Mountain View
But I placed out in Picture Butte
And paid my high school rodeo dues
And it's a good thing too 'cause I was getting pretty damn near broke
I saved all winter just to buy myself a decent rope

I'm borrowin' my old man's spurs
My mom lost track of hers
They're out in the barn someplace
Since she give up on the barrel race
There's some Croketts in the cellar and I think I'm gonna try 'em on
They fit a little big but I tried 'em with a leather thong

I got the boy steer rider's blues

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