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This song is by Cop Shoot Cop and appears on the album Ask Questions Later (1993).

We are to deal very harshly with ourselves
Anytime we feel sorry for ourselves, we are going to get into trouble
You can't help it, you, you are convinced you can't help it
The reason is, you feel sorry for yourself
You have learned to love that sin
You have become a slave to that addiction

You're lying in bed
And your mind begins to work on that just a little bit
But now you're fighting, you're fighting
And yet you let your mind toy with it, coddle the idea
And pretty soon you come to the point where you say
This is too big for me
20 minutes later it will hit you all over again

The problem is, that you've played with that sin, and nurtured that sin in your mind
And you think, Oh wait a minute
Stop it cold, Oh God have mercy on me
Don't let me go down that path again
Oh Lord have mercy on me, Oh Lord give me a hatred for that kind of thing
I'm not going to think about that and,
And start filling your mind with something altogether different

20 minutes later it will hit you all over again

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