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Coot Grant and Kid Wilson Vol. 2 (1928-1931) (1997)

Coot Grant And Kid Wilson - Coot Grant and Kid Wilson Vol. 2 (1928-1931)

Coot Grant and Kid Wilson Vol. 2 (1928-1931)

  1. Stevedore Blues
  2. Uncle Joe
  3. Can I Get Some of That
  4. Big Trunk Blues
  5. Ain't Going to Give You None
  6. Can You Do That to Me
  7. Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter
  8. The Gin Done Done It
  9. Do It Right
  10. Old Age Is Creeping Upon You
  11. Our Family Doctor
  12. My Friend John
  13. On Our Turpentine Farm
  14. You Rascal You
  15. Dem Socks Dat My Pappy Wore
  16. Deceiving Man Blues
  17. Get Off With Me
  18. Hard Times
  19. You'se My Friend
  20. Rockin' Chair Mary
  21. She Shake's a Mean Ash Can
  22. Honey You Done Gone Too Far
  23. Boop-Poop-A-Doop
  24. You Need a Woman Like Me

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Other Songs

  1. Come On Coot Do That Thing

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1893, d.unknown

Real name:

Coot Grant is a performance name for Leola B. Pettigrew.

Also known as:

  • Leola Wilson
  • Patsy Hunter
  • Leola B. Pettigrew
  • Leola B. Wilson Kingnee - Musicbrainz/Discogs1/AllMusic i

Years active:

1900 - 1950's

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