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The Next Kiss (Is the Last Goodbye)

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears…

Time to say goodbye, I know I've said it before
Though I hate to go I can't be hurt anymore
You've never seen me with a tear in my eye
The next kiss is the last goodbye

When I'm not around there's someone else you can call
Half a love is worse than havin' nothin' at all
I need all your love and my darlin' that's why
The next kiss is the last goodbye

No more holding hand
No more whispering words tenderly
Though it breaks my heart
There's no other way for me

Time to say goodbye, there's nothing else that I can do
Wish you all the luck with your somebody knew
If I said I'd forget I'd be telling a lie
The next kiss is the last goodbye
Just one more kiss, then baby goodbye
We'll do one more kiss, well, that means goodbye
Baby, one more kiss

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