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Somebody Lied

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the album Don'T Call Him A Cowboy (1985).

This song has been covered by Ricky Van Shelton under the title "Somebody Lied".
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Somebody Lied
Hello, yeah, this is me
Lord, it's been a long, long time
I know this ain't no social call
So, go ahead, get it off your mind

You heard what? Well, it ain't true
I was here most all last night
I got over you the day you left
Could it be somebody lied?

You heard what? That I was cryin'?
I haven't shed a tear in years
That I spoke your name? Well, that's insane
I've hardly noticed you're not here

I showed your picture to some stranger
Don't you think I've got no pride?
They've been here at home, face down on a shelf
Lord, I bet somebody lied

But if it were true, would it matter to you?
Would it change the way you feel?
If the rumors were right, would you be here tonight
To help this old heart heal?

Well, don't worry, it wasn't me
Just someone whose world was torn in two
Someone who looked a lot like me
And loved someone like you

Someone who looked a lot like me
And still loves someone like you


Written by:

Joe Chambers and Larry Jenkins

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