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Heartache Just Walked In

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the box set Rock 'n' Roll Years (1997).

Sittiin' in a dim cafe,
Listenin' while the jukebox play
The songs I like to hear when I'm alone.

Thinkin' of my wasted past,
Wonderin' if someday at last
I win the sweetest love I've ever known.

Then all at once I saw her,
Arm in arm with my best friend
Heartbreak can't be far away,
'Cause heartaches just walked in.

I watched her as she smiled at him
And though the tiny lights were dim.
I could see the love light
Shining in her eyes.

With aching heart and trembling hand
I stood and watched another man
Hold the girl I wanted for my wife.

And as the teardrops started
I thought of things that might have been.
Heartbreak can't be far away
'Cause heartaches just walked in.

--- Instrumental ---

And then my poor heart skipped a beat
She took the table next to me
She didn't even notice I was there.

She looked around and just by chance
Our eyes met in a casual glance
She smiled and it was more than I could bare.

How could she know the way I feel
To her I'm just a friend
Heartbreak can't be far away
'Cause heartaches just walked in...

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