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Stand Up & Resist

This song is by Contravene and appears on the album Contravene (2000).

The voice of the victim stays silent, unoticed in order to turn over a profit.

The power structure doesn't just change from a wish.

It takes action - persistence.

So how many more times will I hear "it's not my fight"?

Stand up and resist

Before we start to open up our eyes?

Stand up and resist

We must realize that it's one fucking struggle - it's one fucking fight.

Everything is connected - one world, one struggle, one power, one people.

How many more times will we forcefeed generations the lies?

Stand up and resist

Lies of freedom while teaching them the ways of oppression

Stand up and resist

Why do we forcefeed generations lies of freedom, while teaching them the ways of oppression?

That they have a voice, but they shouldn't raise it

That they have a choice, but don't know how to make it

That they have freedom but shouldn't question what that means

That they are merely another cog, in the machine.

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