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Prison Sells

This song is by Contravene and appears on the EP Prison Sells (2003).

Give us the strength and the will
To lead ourselves and our children past
The darkness we have entered.
Teach us to heal ourselves - to heal each other - to heal the world.
Let us begin this very day, this very hour,
The great healing to come...

It's 2003, and Leonard Peltier still rots away in prison. Over 25 years have passed with not a shred of evidence given.

Fabrications, manipulations, the bending of the truth.
If he is a guilty man, then where's the fucking proof?

Leonard Peltier is but one name in a list a mile long of victims of an unjust system that has existed for far too long.
They feed us lies of freedom, equality and hope.
All the while they fill our minds with frame ups, lies and dope.
Saturate the ghettos...
With the drugs of self-destruction.
Exterminate what land is left...
And sell it as production

The police have got the right to shoot you dead in the street.
The only right that we've ever had is to have our asses beat.
No hope for self-defense. It'll be written off as murder and those that stand behind you will be considered co-conspirators.

We must never forget these prisoners of war,
We must never forget what they're fighting for.
To break ourselves out of these chains,
To heal our world and to create change.

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