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Schnitzel Boy

This song is by Consolidated and appears on the album Dropped (1998).

In the hot seat preaching the slackers
Spewing out info cheezwiz for crackers
P.c. hypocrites bonghits moshpits
I've got the mic and I'm talking much shit
Born into privilege and wealth yet I still draw attention to myself networking with the liberal whites chicks in tights
Come backstage and we'll talk animal rights
Got my weights and my tattoos never paid my dues but you know I'm singing the blues like koko taylor I got what it takes one eyed snake straight cake all the jazz is fake junior exec yelling free o.j. timothy mcveigh and barry sheck punkrock thirtysomething hey the world still owes me something it's all about me I got mine I hope you had a good time if I don't get my way I'll take all my toys and go away I'm the first amendment fundamentalist
I love my porno mags but I'm a feminist
Pleased to meet you can I take your coat
When no one's looking I'll stick my tongue down your throat
I'm the publisher I'm the editor the racist cop and the sexual predator look in billboard front page all the rage see my band beat off onstange it's all about me I'm so sad sorry if I did something bad I'm the angry white male I need some monoxidol for my ponytail got a kid somewhere but do I pay my child support don't even go there I love my life why not everyone loves what they haven't got so what don't you understand this is the industry man it's all about me

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