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Take 'Em to the Cleaners (2004)

Consequence - Take 'em to the Cleaners

Take 'Em to the Cleaners

  1. Quence Is Family (Intro)
  2. Super Good (Skit) (featuring Kanye West)
  3. So Soulful (featuring Kanye West and Khayree)
  4. Yard 2 Yard (featuring Rhymefest)
  5. Doctor, Doctor
  6. Wack Niggas (featuring Kanye West, Common and Talib Kweli)
  7. N*ggas Tried To? (Freestyle)
  8. 03 'Til Infinity (Freestyle) (featuring Kanye West)
  9. You & Your N*gga
  10. I See Now (featuring Kanye West and Little Brother)
  11. And You Say (featuring John Legend)
  12. Getting Out The Game (featuring Kanye West)
  13. Joints From The Crib (Skit)
  14. Take It As A Loss (featuring Kanye West)
  15. Trains
  16. Super Good, Pt. 2 (Freestyle)
  17. The Incredible Hulk (featuring John Legend)
  18. Turn Ya Self In (featuring Kanye West)
  19. Mixtape Inc. (Outro)
  20. Silence
  21. Silence
  22. Untitled (Skit)
  23. The Consequence (featuring Q-Tip)

Don't Quit Your Day Job! (2007)

Consequence - Don't Quit Your Day Job!

Don't Quit Your Day Job!

  1. Job Song
  2. Don't Forget Em
  3. Uptown
  4. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  5. Night Night
  6. Pretty Little Sexy Mama
  7. On Break (Skit)
  8. Feel This Way
  9. Callin' Me
  10. Disperse
  11. Yo Dex! (Skit)
  12. Uncle Rahiem
  13. Grammy Family
  14. Good News, Bad News (Skit)
  15. Who Knew My Luck Would Change

Other Songs

  1. Gone
  2. I Hear Footsteps
  3. Night, Night
  4. Screenshot
  5. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Explicit Album Version
  6. Whatever U Want

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Consequence is a performance name for Dexter Raymond Mills Jr..

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Since 1993

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