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Tango Della Gelosia (Jealous Of You)

This song is by Connie Francis and appears on the compilation album The Italian Collection, Volume 1 (1997).

No, non è la gelosia
Ma è la passione mia!
Quando ti guardano gli altri io fremo perché,
Il tuo cuore voglio soltanto per me!

Ciò che mi strugge non so io neppure cos'è!
Ma non temere non sono gelosa di te!

No, non è la gelosia
So che tuYour eyes may thrill me with gladness
And tell me you're true, dear
Yet thoughts still fill me with sadness
And what can I do, dear?

I wonder if you are free
I wonder if you are free

Do you belong just to me?
I'm always jealous of you, dear
I'm not to be
I am jealous of you, darling
Why am I so jealous, darling?
Sad are the fancies that throng
Through my heart everyday
Lest someone else come along
Who can steal you away
All your beauty I would own
I would have you mine alone
Fear that someday we may part
Still consumes me with pain
What would become of my heart
If I loved you in vain?

Sei sempre mio!

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