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Somnambulant Cannibal

This song is by Conjonctive and appears on the album Until the Whole World Dies​.​.​. (2013).

In the middle of the night
I wake up for a delight
In quest for FRESH FLESH
Blood is my only refreshment

Hunting and dreaming, I will eat you
Breathing and living, you will die

Dreaming, hunting and killing
I feel your bones on my teeth
Your last breath is my first bite
Suffocating, suffering and DYING

I disfigure your face, I'm devouring your brain
A good taste of warm meat, melting under my tongue
You cannot move, you cannot scream
I can inhale the breath from you lungs and feel the pain
I never lose a crumb, savoring your guts
You cannot move, you cannot scream

Dream turns into nightmare
One more night of terror
I'm afraid to fall asleep
Can't fight my nocturnal hunger
I'm the night devourer

Cannibal / somnambulant


Music by:

Lyrics by:

Sonia Kaya, Randy Schaller

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