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Your Llorona

This song is by Concrete Blonde and appears on the album Group Therapy (2002).

Last night I saw her,
Your Llorona
Sitting alone at the back of the bar.
Through the smoke and tequila
Tears and mascara
Hopeless and haunting the
Hotel Cesar

Your Llorona.
Will remember forever,
Oh, your Llorona,
Still waiting, still weeping,
Still alone.

I didn't know what to tell her,
Your Llorona,
She was watching the boys
Come and go all night
She was looking for you again,
Your Llorona.
The one in the corner
Dressed in white.

She was asking about you again,
Your Llorona
So what should I tell her, so
What should I say?
She things you are coming back,
Your Llorona
She swears you are coming back to her one day.

Your Llorona
Will remember forever,
Oh, your Llorona
Still waiting and weeping
Still alone

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